More Plastic In The Ocean Than Fish By 2050

Now that’s a headline that makes you think. Swimming side by side with a plastic bag and plastic bottle does not conjure the same image as swimming with dolphins or a shoal of fish.

Did you know that:

• 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the sea every day
• 150 plastic bottles line each mile of British beaches
• Only around 9% of plastic is recycled the rest is in landfill or litter and much of it ends up in the sea.

Greenstar Cleaners’ very own shocking fact is that a company with around 75 office staff uses around 20,000 plastic bin liners a year. This means that as a company we provide our clients with around 1 million bin liners a year!

One way we find reduces the use of bin liners is by having recycling bins under staff desks, which don’t require bin liners, and then a central bin for all other waste. This is a more popular solution than removing all desk bins and having just central ones.

If you would like to discuss how you can prevent swimming with plastic please give us a call.

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