Our Team

Dean Clark - Managing Director

Dean has been at the helm of Greenstar Cleaners for over 20 years. In this time Dean has covered every aspect of the job and even now can often be found with his sleeves rolled up somewhere!

Cleaning Tip: Magic white sponges.

Best way to end the day: With a cycle (Dean doesn't like mornings!)

Nicki Hesketh - Director

Nicki has been a Director at Greenstar Cleaners for the past 17 years, although she came from a completely different background, her very first job was as a Saturday cleaner for her Dad who started the company. There was just no escape!

Cleaning Tip: Use rubber gloves to clean pet hairs off of upholstery.

Best way to start the week: Positive outlook, energy derived from a Monday treat of a latte & a croissant!

Claire Price - HR & Payroll

Claire joined our team in the summer of 2018 bringing with her over ten years of experience in a blue chip company and a packet of hobnobs!

Cleaning Tip: Use white vinegar to clean your washing machine (although give it an extra rinse just in case it's not that fragrant!).

Best Way To Start The Week: A cup of tea!


Henry is a longstanding and hardworking member of the team, you'll probably see him on your site. We'd be lost without him. His only fault is he does have an eye for the ladies, which causes him to get a bit tangled up.

Favourite cleaning equipment: My Hepa filter which feeds me all the tiny dust particles to me leaving the air free.

Best way to start the week: Empty and raring to go!


Hettie is a loyal member of the team who often works closely with Henry - sometimes a little too closely!

Favourite cleaning equipment: My spin bar which makes me even better at picking up bits.

Best way to start the week: Plugged in.

We only recruit the very best.

We are proud of our staff retention in what is a very transient industry. We put this down to good working conditions; we pay all our staff the Real Living Wage or above, this helps with retention and recruitment and hopefully makes our staff feel valued.  The real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by almost 9,000 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a wage which meets everyday needs – like the weekly shop, or a surprise trip to the dentist.
We train our staff well and have excellent regular communication with them. Unfortunately, this is often not the case in the cleaning industry.

Each member of staff is fully trained on the use of equipment and the Health and Safety aspect of their site. Each site has dedicated cleaners and area managers. When required our staff can be DBS checked.

We have Area Managers for every site and each site is regularly audited, using our mobile audit software. These audits are used to identify any problem areas and ensure that the cleaning meets our expectations. The audits are easily available for us to share with clients.

  • Greenstar Cleaners has a team of cover staff for holiday and sickness, which means that buildings never go without cleaning.
  • Greenstar Cleaners never use agency cleaners, preferring to use staff trained to our own high standards.
  • Greenstar Cleaners has a great deal of experience in TUPE and can ensure that when necessary, any staff transfers are carried out seamlessly.