Intelligent Cleaning

‘Time is money’, never was a truer word spoken. Intelligent cleaning is quite straight forward; time is a valuable resource and should be used wisely.

When we quote for work, we start with the ideal scenario; unlimited budget and unlimited time. This would of course be fabulous but unfortunately it’s not how it works in the real world. With our experience we can look at an office space and know how long a full regular clean should take each night. This may not always be possible for our client as they may have a budget to work with.

What we do is devise a schedule to clean particular areas on particular days or reduce the amount of days cleaned to ensure the quality of cleaning is met, but is within the budget.

This also means we are experts at working with clients who have instigated hybrid working. For some of our clients who now have hybrid working, their previous cleaning schedules were no longer working in their best interest. We have worked with them to change our cleaning program to achieve the most from their budget.

Our top tips for intelligent cleaning are:

  • Identify the areas that need cleaning more regularly for example: kitchens, toilets and reception
  • Identify the areas that might only need ad hoc cleaning for example meeting rooms
  • Reduce the number of bins in an office. On average it takes a cleaner about 40 seconds to empty and reline a bin. It may not seem long but the time soon adds up. Reducing bins allows the cleaner more time to spend on other areas. It is also of benefit to the environment; it can be used as part of a recycling program as using less bin liners is also more sustainable.
  • Members of staff can be encouraged to clean their own cups or at least take crockery to the dishwasher. Of an evening it takes the cleaner precious time to collect crockery and load the dishwasher. Once again their time might be more cost effective spent elsewhere.
  • We encourage clear desk days; once a week areas of the office have days where the desks are cleared to enable to the cleaner to clean thoroughly and swiftly.

Intelligent Cleaning is quite simply using your money and our time wisely to achieve the best results.