The Humble Air Freshener

These day the humble air freshener comes in all sorts of guises; from plug-ins, dangly things from car mirrors, diffusers, automatic sprays, candles the list is endless. But were you aware that the air freshener dates back to the Ancient Egyptians in 3000BC.

It was used for masking smells, not the smells we are used to, more the aromas associated with sacrificial offerings, not a pleasant thought. They used many of the ingredients used today, jasmine, frankincense resin and lotus.

At the same time the Ancient Chinese were burning incense and the Ancient Greeks threw mint leaves on the floor (as cleaners, not something we’d recommend).

Air fresheners as we know them were first introduced in 1948 by Air Wick and we haven’t looked back since.

To make your premises smell like a wild flower meadow or lemon grove offer either automatic pump air fresheners, those that let out a gentle ‘psst’ every few minutes or the newer style TCell freshener. These are battery operated and give a consistent room fragrance for 90 days, they also don’t make any noise. They are very easy for us to install, if you would like more information or prices please give us a call 01293 534643.

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