To Clean, or Not to Clean, That is the Question

What’s the best piece of cleaning equipment you have invested in? For me it is a close run race between the dishwasher and the steam mop, with the dishwasher coming in first place.

Just the thought of the time spent standing at the sink, then the drying and then the putting away (although I’ve yet to find a gadget that does that! Maybe children?), makes me love the dishwasher even more. However, you would always keep cloths and brushes clean and the same goes for a dishwasher.

The secret to maintaining sparkly dishes is to ensure all debris is removed from the item. We would always recommend a good quality all in one dishwasher tablet. Depending on how the dishwasher is used the filters should be removed and cleaned weekly or monthly with warm water. To ensure absolute shine and get rid of any lingering smells, a run through on a long cycle with a dishwasher cleaning cartridge is a must.

These are really simple steps to follow to ensure your dishwasher continues to perform to the best of its ability.

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