The Amazing Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloth

Everywhere I turn, be it at home, work or in my car I come across a cheeky little microfibre glass cloth. I wondered why they were taking over, then realised it was because I am completely besotted with them. Sad but true.

I could wax lyrical all day about the joy a glass cloth brings. They are soft and gentle, they don’t scratch, they don’t leave streaks; in fact the perfect pet.

The glass cloth can be used for windows, table tops, drinking glasses, spectacles, car windscreens, TVs, PCs, mobile phones, kettles, taps, ovens in fact any piece of glass or chrome you want to shine and sparkle. Even, better they are easy to use and don’t need any chemicals and therefore environmentally friendly. And with the proper care they last forever.

Dry Surface Use
For removing dust and loose particles from all hard surfaces. As it is wiped over a surface it creates a static charge that attracts dirt to the cloth, the microfibre then holds the dirt until the cloth is washed.

Damp Surface Use
Used damp to remove heavier soilings from all hard surfaces. The microfibers work through capillary action, drawing dirt into the cloth.

Once the cloth is dirty put in a washing machine, never use fabric conditioner, and either tumble or line dry. And off you go again.

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