Give Your Carpets the Love they Deserve

Usually we only notice a carpet needs cleaning if there is a great big coffee stain, normally resplendent in the middle of the room. However our carpets put up with much more than that. Throughout the winter, on icy mornings, salt from outside has been trampled through the carpets. Over time the salt and other debris wear down the fibres of the carpets shortening their life span.

Cleaning carpets on a regular basis not only makes them look and smell better but it maintains their life expectancy.

Carpet cleaning can be carried out overnight. There is no longer the musty smell that used to linger for days after carpets were cleaned. One day your carpet is dull and lack lustre carpet, the next it is clean and pristine. As if the carpet fairies had been in.

We vacuum first with an intensive Sebo vaccum, to lift all particles from the carpet and then use an industrial wet extraction carpet cleaner. Any stubborn stains are spot treated. Hey presto, one beautiful carpet.

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