The Humble Air Freshener

These day the humble air freshener comes in all sorts of guises; from plug-ins, dangly things from car mirrors, diffusers, automatic sprays, candles the list is endless. But were you aware that the air freshener dates back to the Ancient Egyptians in 3000BC.

It was used for masking smells, not the smells we are used […]

Manor Royal Business District Exhibition 2017

What better way to spend a day, than in the company of neighbours. In this case it was at the annual Manor Royal Business District, Know Your Neighbour Exhibition which takes place in Crawley.

It is an opportunity for companies on Manor Royal to bring along their wares for the day and catch up with […]

The Amazing Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloth

Everywhere I turn, be it at home, work or in my car I come across a cheeky little microfibre glass cloth. I wondered why they were taking over, then realised it was because I am completely besotted with them. Sad but true.

I could wax lyrical all day about the joy a glass cloth brings. […]

Soap That Changes Lives

Greenstar Cleaners are delighted to be supporting Clarity, the UK’s oldest social enterprise, which creates jobs for blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged people through the manufacture of soap and cleaning products.

Based in East London, Clarity is the UK’s oldest social enterprise and has employed people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged since 1854. […]

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