Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet cleaning does make a huge difference to the overall look, feel and sometimes even smell of an office. Over time the coffee and tea stains multiply, not to mention the daily footfall they receive. Even the very best carpets can appear lacklustre. Cleaning carpets on a regular basis both maintains them and gives them a new lease of life. A clean carpet just makes everything look brighter.

All of our carpet cleaning operatives have been professionally trained by Prochem. We have the latest carpet cleaning machines which provide excellent cleaning results.

We use the wet extraction method of carpet cleaning, using commercial grade machines. This ensures that there is very little risk of detergent residue or moisture being left behind. The carpets are normally dry within 10 hours.

Some companies use dry carpet cleaning believing it to be more efficient as it takes less time to dry, however, there are some major disadvantages. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals which pose both environmental damage and human health issues which may affect people with allergies, asthma and respiratory problems.

We normally clean carpets over a weekend so there is minimal disruption to the office and by the time Monday comes staff can walk into a fresh new office.

One of the pieces of furniture that has the most use in the office is the humble chair, these too need a bit of care and attention, so we offer upholstery cleaning. Don’t forget reception chairs and meeting room ones too. Again, we can do this over the weekend so avoid disrupting everyday activity.

Occasionally it may not be the whole office that needs cleaning, just meeting rooms or common parts. It may even be you need carpets cleaning after a flood or just spot treating stains. This is absolutely no problem and we’d be delighted to quote for this too.