Still Sparkling at 40!


40 years


We’re green, keen and very clean! 2016 sees Greenstar Cleaners Limited reach our 40th birthday. We have been successfully keeping clients sparkle since 1976 when their founder, Nigel Hesketh, started cleaning windows in Crawley.

At the time the company was called Crawley Office Cleaning Services, we changed our name in 2011 to Greenstar Cleaners Limited to reflect our environmental approach to cleaning and the fact that we clean all over South East England.

Today the company is owned and run by husband and wife team Dean Clark and Nicki Hesketh, Nicki is the daughter of Nigel, and so the company is still in family hands.

Asking Nigel to look back to the beginning he recalls, “When I first started the business our transport was a £50 Ford Popular. As the company increased in size and I began to employ staff, I upgraded to a Ford Zephyr. This had a rather nifty front bench seat, enabling me to take five members of staff to work. There is now a fleet of liveried vans, how times have changed!

Our first commercial contract was with Kelloggs who were based on the Gatwick Road, we later moved to offices very close to there. Eventually work got a little busy and I had to employ my first member of staff, this was for D F Warehouses in Pease Pottage and I am delighted to say that we still clean for them today, which isn’t bad going!

Dean joined the company in 2000 and Nicki soon after that. In recent years the company has grown consistently year on year with last year seeing a 10% increase in turnover. There are now over 100 cleaners and around ninety clients ranging from Leatherhead down to Brighton including Welland Medical, B&CE, DMH Stallard and FTD Johns.

“In the sixteen years I have been working at Greenstar I have seen major changes in how the cleaning world has changed; from back office systems, there wasn’t even a PC when I joined, cleaning technology, legislation.” Said Dean, “Health and Safety Legislation is now very high on the agenda, we have to ensure that we comply with all the regulation, where as years ago it wasn’t even thought of for cleaning. We used to clean third storey windows off of ladders with no harnesses and would bounce the ladders from window to window! Really not to be recommended.”

“I used to clean offices, on a Saturday morning when I was at school,” said Nicki, “one of the best legislations I have seen brought in is the no smoking one. There was nothing worse than having to clean out people’s desk ashtrays. Really revolting!”

Looking to the future Dean says, “We will continue to expand the company organically. We are in the process of seeking our ISO9001 and ISO4001 accreditations for quality and environmental management, which will happen in the first quarter. As the company grows this seemed like the next step that we needed to take to ensure continued efficiency.

We are very lucky to have great staff and customers, hopefully this will continue for the next 40 years!”


40 years