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Twinkle Twinkle Clean Little Star We’ve cleaned for over 35 years and we're really rather good.

Office Cleaning At Its Best

Greenstar Cleaners Limited is one of the few dedicated green cleaning businesses in the Sussex and Surrey areas. We have been providing environmentally friendly cleaning services to businesses for over 35 years. For our clients this means we can provide them with the wealth of experience and knowledge gained in this time, along with a fantastic cleaning service.

We are of a size that we still offer a personal service yet we have all the benefits that come from using a larger company; fully trained staff (we never use agency staff), cover staff for holidays and sickness, the latest technology and equipment, the latest Health & Safety compliance to name but a few.

When entering a contract you want to feel safe in the knowledge that you will have continuity of service and that you will be a valued customer. As a company with over 35 years of continuous growth we can provide you with the assurance of stability and the resources we have to deal with any situation. We can also guarantee that one of the Directors will always be available to you and your satisfaction is key to us running a successful business.


The Tower to La Tour

A group of intrepid (or is that completely mad) cyclists from a number of local companies have decided to get on their bikes and cycle from The Tower of London to The Eiffel Tower, over the course of three days in July. Why? You may well ask, obviously for a couple of very good causes. The merry band of cyclists are raising money for charities close to their hearts Help for Heroes and Cancer Research.

Amongst their number are a number and the instigator of this challenge is our very own Dean. ‘I have met lots of keen amateur cyclists like myself at networking events and meetings, we all seemed to be looking for a challenge that wasn’t on a large scale, involving hundreds of people. How complicated could it be to organise a bike ride from London to Paris? And so the challenge was born.’

The 11 members of team The Tower to La Tour set off from the Tower of London on 3 July and hope to arrive at the Eiffel Tower on Saturday 5 July having cycled 200 miles. To sponsor the team and help them push their pedals harder visit their Just Giving page - all donations are very much appreciated.