Handy Services

Occasionally, some jobs seem too small to warrant calling in yet another supplier or it may be that you don’t know who to ask or don’t even have the time do it.

It could be something as simple as a notice board that needs putting up, a light bulb that needs changing or a wall that needs painting. Is it worth going through the palaver of finding a reliable supplier and then being charged a fortune for their services? In these situations, if you are one of our clients, you can give us a call and we can most probably help.

We understand how sometimes the most simple sounding task can become incredibly frustrating and time consuming. To alleviate this, we offer our clients a variety of services. In the past we have been called upon to:

• Put up pictures, notice boards and signs
• Change light bulbs
• Put up dispensers
• Paint walls
• Unblock sinks
• Move furniture
• Replace toilet seats
• Sourcing outside benches, ashtrays and smoking shelters
• Remove rubbish or old furniture
• Supply air fresheners
• Dishwasher installation

Any of those jobs where you aren’t sure where to go or who to ask, the chances are that we can do it for you or failing that can know someone who can.